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Just what is a desktop theme anyway?

 A desktop  theme is a collection of goodies for your Windows95 or '98 system. To begin with there is an animated startup screen, wait screen and shut down screen; there are cursors, wallpaper,  sound EFFECTS, and music.

 Right now I don't include a screen saver. But I can and will on the next theme if interest is good. I would like all of you Bichon lovers to send me your favorite pics of your pups along with the names of your pups and I will make a screen saver for the next theme. Those of you who don't have scanners hit the email button to a have one of your favorite Bichon photos scanned for free so we can make that screen saver.

 Desktop Themes are for Windows95 or '98. Right now it isn't available for the Mac or any other platform or operating system but I'm working on it.

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