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Download dilemas? Get the Installer Download hosts
If you have a 
problem downloading a file from one of the below locations, please try picking a different location to download from on this list. Network traffic causes problems with downloads so I have provided several places to get the desktop theme. The theme will hopefully be hosted by ZD net very soon which will greatly increase download success. My apologies to all of you who have tried to download the theme and have not been able to  get it or have had the file corrupted. If you are still having problems and can't get the theme to download for you, get in touch with me on AOL by adding Aesthyne to your buddy list You can always reach me by email. The list is simple: The discription of the location is in green text and the actual download is the name of the file.
Please make sure you have the installation software which is not the same download as the theme itself. If you don't have it press the "back" button on your browser and get it now from Left Side Software. (unless you have the Microsoft Plus program or similar themes installer, or if you just like to play and tweek the control panel in Windows)
The first on the list is from the Tripod site. Network demand and congestion have caused it a lot of problems. Get the dogs from Tripod
The second one is available from Angelfire Get the dogs from Angelfire
Geocities has a version of the theme that is zipped. If you plan to download it from here you should know how to unzip files and you should unzip them to c:\windows\temp\Program Files\plus!\3_tenor_dog_night\ Get the dogs from Geocities