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Hi and Welcome to the Three Tenor Dog Night Desktop theme download page. Please note that the desktop theme should be installed with a utility called "Desktop Themes" available from Left Side Software. Look in the right hand column next to this one and you will see a link to take you directly to it. once there it'll take you about 13 mins at 14.4 baud to get it. Come back here and get the theme itself. The link is in the right hand column here. The 3 Tenor Dog Night Desktop Theme is packed up into an executable file so you don't need to worry about unziping it when you download it. Simply double click it.
The graphics you see on this page are mine and I will gladly share them with you.Your only cost is an email request and a little mention of where you found them. :o)
Please don't steal the puppies. Thanks

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3 Tenor Dog Night Desktop theme and Desktop Themes installation software

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Just who is responsible for this madness anyway?

Elizabeth Montijo

I would greatly appreciate any donations you make.
The proceeds from your donations go to registration of
the software I use to create themes.
Please don't hesitate to email even if you don't plan to donate.
I'd love to hear your ideas.
Please email me for my address.
3 Tenor Dogs want to let you know when things change here!
They also want to let you know when they have something new for you
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Three Tenor Dog Night: a tribute to the Bichon Frise, desktop theme.

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