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Download the Installation software and Desktop Theme  Downloading the Theme and the installation software  

You must first download and install click here to get winzip if you don't already have it. Not sure? Get it here come back and go to step 2<==WINZIP software if you don't already have it. If you aren't sure then you probably don't have it and should get it. It is a utility to unpack data that has been compressed into teensy little suitcases that take very little time to fly to you on the internet airplane. There are tons of other things you'll use it to unpack. Next: download and install   Left Side Software's desktop themes software Click here for Left Side Software's Installer. Did you remember to get Winzip? Do you need it? Get it here...

so that you will be able to use the 3 Tenor Dog Night desktop theme... UNLESS... you have Microsoft PLUS! in which case you are all set to go. I don't have Plus so you'll have to get with someone who does for instructions on how to use it if you don't already know. If you find someone, Please email me with that information so that I may post it here for others who need the information..Next:Download 3 Tenor Dog Night desktop themeClick here to get the dektop theme software...don't forget the installation software first.If, after downloading everything, you still need instructions hit the toolbox icon  on the main page. click the button below to go there.after you have recorded this information by printing or jotting it down, whatever means you need to use..

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