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In Remembrance of Kiyomi:

I never knew her but her art and gentle words touched me deeply. Her artistic influence in the work you see here and in the desktop theme are profound.

Thanks go to for Paint shop Pro5 with Animation Studio. without them the pups might not be.

My humble gratitude to Microangelo for their icon making software. Hopefully soon I will register it.

To XRX animated logo utility. You saved me a big headache.

To Left Side Software. You not only helped me but many other Bichon Frise Lovers.

Thanks to the Folks at For all their wonderful tools for my toolbar while I am waiting to receive my paint program.

Special and heartfelt thanks go to my parents and my family at home for their inspiration, support and patience throughout this long time it has taken me to release this desktop theme and website

And a final thank-you...

...My most grateful thank-you's go to all the  Bichon people on the web who have sites. I have spent hours on the net studying  and sketching your pups so I could put this theme together.

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