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How to install the desktop themeHow To Install The 3 Tenor Dog Night Desktop Theme

Please print this page for easy instructions you can use at your convenience

A:) Before you do anything check to insure that you have theclick hee to get winzip if you don't already have it. Not sure? Get it here come back and go to step 2 Winzip utility. If you don't of if you are unsure, you can get it here.

1) download the installationClick here for Left Side Software's Installer. Did you remember to get Winzip? Do you need it? Get it here... software. If you have Microsoft's PLUS! you can skip that step.

1A)download the desktop themeClick here to get the dektop theme software...don't forget the installation software first.

2) double click the 3tDOGn.exe file, a menu will come up asking you where to put the unzipped files...

3) to put those files in a dir called c:\windows\themes

4) double click on the installation program install icon. (this will install

the installation program)

5) The installation program will most likely tell you where it is placing

its shortcuts...

6) ...When the Left Side Software Installation program has finished

installing itself then double click on its shortcut.

7) Click on the INSTALL tab

8) Locate a window called "theme to install"

9) locate the "browse" button immediately to the right of it.

10)click on the "browse" button and take the selector to where you put your

desktop theme...c:\windows\themes

11) when you get there you will see an icon that has the title

"3TdogN.theme" next to it click on it...

12) ...Then click on the button towards the bottom of the popup menu that

says "open".

13) you will then be back at the install menu...

14)...Select the "screens" tab...

15)...Locate the first "browse" button. Click on it. You will then see a

list of items in a popup menu...

16)...Click on the item that calls itself "Logo.sys"

17) Voila! happy day and hooray! you'll notice that the other two boxes got

magically filled in.

18) Oh merciful what?

19) click on the "Ok" button at the bottom of the menu. YOU ARE NOW DONE.


20) For best results shut down your PC. and power it back up.

21) If  the theme is working well for you then you can safely delete the original zipped files.

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